Instructions on how to Update your Member Profile

When you update your firm's listing, make sure that ACEC has the most current and accurate contact information. Whether you're a new member or a returning one, visit our Member Directory Update page to check your existing profile, or to enter new data.

Step 1: Logging In

From the Update Member Profile page, you can log in with your Username (your email address) and your Password (included in the ACEC Member Directory Update page that is mailed to your firm each year). If you have not yet been issued a Password, or have forgotten which one you chose, you can ask to have a reminder email sent to you. Just type in your Username and click the "Remind Me" link.

Step 2: Choosing Membership

From here, you may update your ACEC membership (and in some cases, your membership in provincial and territorial Member Organizations). To update your ACEC membership, click on the ACEC Membership link.

Step 3: Corporate Address Book

In this section you can view and update your address information, and add, change or remove contact names and titles for your office(s). Users of the ACEC site can find those names through our search engine, along with their associated positions and contact information.

Step 4: Corporate Information (Section 1)

  • Enter the address and contact information for your firm's Canadian head office.
  • Enter information regarding your firm's "Quality Management Certification". This may be any recognition your head office has achieved as a result of implementing a recognized quality management program (e.g. ISO 9001, Peer Review, TQM, etc.).

Step 5: Branch Offices and Primary Branch Contact Names (Section 2)

For firms with more than one Canadian office or with international offices, this section is used to add, change or remove branch offices, and to identify the primary contact person at each.

  • Canadian Branches: One contact name (including language preference: English or French) must be entered for each individual branch and affiliate office – since ACEC communicates directly with all offices, not just your head office. (If your company has only one branch, this will be the same information that you entered in the Corporate Address Book section.)
  • Branches outside Canada: Enter all information about your firm's international branch or affiliate operations. It is to your advantage for this material to be complete and up-to-date, since it is often accessed by Canadian Trade Commissioners or clients looking in ACEC's searchable directory to find Canadian consulting engineers outside the country.

Step 6: Personnel Summary (Section 3)

Provide the total number of ALL staff you have in all your Canadian offices as of December 1, 2011. In addition to the total employee count, please provide the number of those employees that are professional engineers (including women) and the number of women engineers in your firm.

Step 7: Key Contact Information (Section 4)

Identifying your firm's "key contacts" will help ACEC to communicate more effectively with you. This allows us to provide information to the right people in your firm. Contacts that should be listed or updated, according to their areas of responsibility:

  • head of firm (or principle)
  • human resources
  • marketing & communications
  • finance & administration
  • government relations
  • international business
  • ACEC membership directory
  • business or industry practices
  • legal & contracts

You should limit the key contacts to one person per each position.

Step 8: Fields of Specialization (Section 5)

From the list provided, check off your firm's field(s) of specialization. This helps clients and suppliers to find you, based on your areas of expertise.

Step 9: Protection of Personal Information (Section 6)

ACEC is asked from time to time to provide membership lists for various purposes. If you want to be excluded from those lists please indicate by checking the appropriate box.

Step 10: International Experience (Section 7)

Indicate in which countries your firm has provided engineering services from the list provided.

Step 11: Voting Delegates (Section 8)

For purposes of conducting association business (e.g. voting at the annual meeting) each member firm is allocated a number of voting delegates based on its total number of employees.

Indicate the name(s) of your employees that you wish to be your ACEC voting delegates(s) in the spaces provided. Normally, your "head of firm" should be a voting delegate.

Step 12: Review Your Member Profile

At the top of the Directory Update page is an area marked "SUMMARY (View only)" that summarizes your firm's Member Profile. Please review your profile to verify that your Member Profile is accurate and up to date.


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