About the ACEC Directory

Our Directory is the go-to resource for anyone – government agency, client, or other stakeholder – who wants to contact or hire a consulting engineering firm in Canada. As an ACEC member, your firm will be listed in our indispensable on-line guide.

That's why it's important for you to update your Member Profile: so that interested parties can contact you most effectively – and so that ACEC can best communicate important and relevant information to the right people in your firm. If, for example, we release an important new industry contract document, we send it directly to your legal staff, or your contract-control department. By sending important information directly to the right people in your firm, ACEC will assist you to cut down on unnecessary email traffic and on forwarding material within your firm.

ACEC is committed to providing effective communications between all our Member Organizations and firms. Help us to succeed by updating your contact information, so that we can provide better service to everyone.


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