More Resources on QBS

InfraGuide Best Practice: These guidelines for selecting professional consultants, a joint venture between the National Research Council (NRC) and the FCM, were created for public agencies in Canada.
CPPF Presentation: ACEC's presentation to the Canadian Public Procurement Forum on the merits of QBS.
QBS-Pro: An interactive training tool developed by the Canadian Standards Association to help procurement officials to implement QBS.
ACEC QBS Position Paper: Information on QBS prepared for our Parliament Hill Day 2010.
Concept: ACEC's policy document, designed to convince elected officials and decision-makers of the merits of QBS.
Quality Based Consultant Selection Guide: Guidelines on QBS developed by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers.
The Brooks Act: An explanation of the U.S. federal law requiring the use of QBS for public projects using government funds.
Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Colorado Study: An Analysis of Issues Pertaining to Qualifications-Based Selection: A U.S. study on the benefits of QBS for real property projects.
Defence Construction Canada Life Cycle Study 2007: A DCC presentation on Infrastructure Management Cycle, Quality and Whole life/life cycle cost approach.

If you have any questions about ACEC's advocacy efforts, or would like more information, please contact Susie Grynol, Vice-President, Policy and Public Affairs, at


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