About ACEC

Who We Are

The Association of Consulting Engineering Companies (ACEC) is a not-for profit organization that has been the voice of Canadian consulting engineering companies since it was founded in 1925.

We represent the commercial interests of businesses that provide professional engineering services, to both the public and the private sector. Our members' services include planning, designing and implementing all types of engineering projects, and providing independent advice and expertise in a wide range of engineering-related fields.

ACEC's member companies directly influence virtually every aspect of quality of life in Canada-economic, social and environmental. Because engineering is a regulated profession, every individual employed by our members is required by law to act "with fidelity to the public interest."

ACEC is governed by its nearly 500 members: independent consulting engineering companies, organized into 12 provincial and territorial Member Organizations.

Our Mission and Priorities

The mission of the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies is to help member firms be more successful. ACEC works with the federal government and other national stakeholders to promote a positive business and regulatory climate that allows our members to provide the highest level of services and best possible value to their clients. ACEC is also a resource to members on industry issues and trends.

Our Priorities

  • Building the profile of consulting engineers as trusted advisors through strategic partnering, building respect, increasing awareness and projecting a more appealing image
  • Advocating for a better business and regulatory climate by influencing government, clients and other stakeholders
  • Being the recognized authority for national industry issues
  • Enhancing communications with Member Organizations and member firms

ACEC's programs and services are continually being evaluated and enhanced to offer opportunity and value to members.


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